Google Drive Flicker – The Best Flying Origami Flicker!

[Simple] See for your self! This is one of the best flying flicker of all of them! This Google Drive Flicker is folded from one sq. no tape or glue! It’s extraordinarily aerodynamic and properly weighted to optimize flight. As I present within the video, including slight curvature on the main edges makes it fly extremely nicely!

If you fold it out of additional massive paper you may throw it as a frisbee, and should you throw it (or flick it) tilted upward at a sure angle it’ll boomerang!

The inspiration to design this mannequin got here from being employed to provide a collection of a dozen origami workshops for Google staff. I particularly like the great clear technique I discovered for locking the 2 ends with out tape or glue in order that they appear steady considered from both aspect.

This mannequin not solely works nicely from sq. paper, however it additionally flies nicely out of A4 or letter-sized printer paper. It jogs my memory of the well-known optical Penrose Triangle optical phantasm.

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