How to make an Origami Dog

origami is your best friend .
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So jump start and surprise your friends and family with the amazing Japanese art of Origami.

From flying birds to aeroplane, sailing boat to fishes, pretty baskets to fruits, funny jokers to wild animals and many more …. With just a piece of paper and scissors and few easy folds. That’s all it takes to learn the ancient Japanese art of Origami.

For your easy guidance, each video is made with attractive colourful illustrations and simple instructions.

Stage 1. Fold along the dotted line in the centre of paper.

Stage 2. Fold in the angle of arrows as shown to form the dog’s ears. Fold the lower end of front layer upwards along the dotted line. Fold the bottom end of the back layer backward along the dotted line. Draw nose and Paste the googly eyes.

Stage 3. Take new paper and make centre align. Turn the bottom right corner backward.

Stage 4. Join the first part to this part. Past the head as shown and your origami dog is ready.

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