How to make Origami Dog out of Paper in 2 Minutes? Origami for Beginners

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VK: In this video you will learn how to make a dog’s head made of paper. Muzzle dog can be colored with markers or do applique. Prepare in advance of the faces of colored paper: eyes, tongue and nose. Video takes only 2 minutes and during this time you have a new hack!
Origami model perfectly conveys the image of a pet. Child, folding dog’s head can paint it. Crafts to do good in white, brown, black and other colors of paper.
!!! Crafts made of paper, you can collect and donate.
!!! Origami Classes develops attention, perseverance and visual
memory and fine motor skills of hands.

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Step by Step Origami Dog (puppy)

Showing little animals in all their glory.
See what kind eyes, a long tongue.
So the puppy is breathing.
Here are some nice, and now we will make it out of the paper.

1. Prepare a square of white.
2. Fold the square diagonally.
3. Fold the triangle (the fold “valley”) vertically.
4. Expand.
5. Fold the right angle, as shown in the video. Get the right ear.
6. Repeat with the other hand.
7. Lift the bottom of the first layer and the angle of bend upward almost to the middle.
8. Secure with glue.
9. Stick the dog language.
10. Glue the puppy eyes.
11. Glue the nose.
12 felt-tip pen to draw the point.
13. The puppy has turned. He’s so nice and kind!
14. And you have turned the puppy? Please write in the comments !!!

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1. Origami for Children:
2. Simple Origami:

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