Origami Angel – Escape Rope & The Title Track – Drum Cover(s)

Semi flawed drum covers of the songs Escape Rope and The Title Track off of the album Somewhere City by Origami Angel. I’m under no circumstances ok to do these songs justice however I brute pressured my approach by them anyhow to a mediocre product out of sheer love for the songs and this band. Anyways, get pleasure from, and Gami Gang signify!
Totally take heed to the remainder of Somewhere City when you dig this, it’s by far my AOTY https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kxVknZG8q7tVKUDZUHnfApZ9hSex0Vuf4

Both Escape Rope and The Title Track by Origami Angel are the copyrighted property of its proprietor(s).


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