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How to make Origami paper butterflies | Easy craft | DIY crafts
How to make Origami paper butterflies | Easy craft | DIY crafts | Origami papercraft
Origami Paper Cat Ring | How to make paper ring
In this video, I will show How to Make origami #Paperbutterflies, #papercraft origami tutorial. #Shopha
Materials we require for this are as follows:

1. Origami paper &
2. Scissors

I am sure you will get exactly the same output of Origami Paper Butterfly as mine if you follow my steps/ instructions carefully. It looks very beautiful throughout the entire year. You can make these for any wall decor or photo backdrop to click perfect images.
Let’s make a cute origami paper cat ring! You can make many colorful cat rings and wear only one or all at once! And you can also draw your cat on a ring or friends’ cats and give these cute and bright rings to your mom, family and friends! Cat lovers will definitely be delighted!
We need:
– a square sheet of paper 7×7 cm / 2.7×2.7 inches for a child’s hand
square sheet of paper 9×9 cm / 3.5×3.5 inches for an adult hand
– markers and pen

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