Origami Pinwheel Envelope / Flat Paper Gift Box – Easy DIY Tutorial

This DIY paper envelope or flat box with a pinwheel / windmill pattern is perfect to wrap messages, cards or small origami presents. You can also use it as homemade gift wrapping for small and flat gifts like gift cards or money (bills or a gold coin!). Learn how to make the origami pinwheel envelope box with the easy step by step instructions of this origami tutorial.

The origami windmill envelope is a variation of the origami square envelope that I showed in the last video. So if you know how to fold one, it will be very easy for you to fold the other!

Origami square flat box tutorial: https://youtu.be/bcZtL-hSUEE

And the origami pinwheel envelope can also be turned into a cool pinwheel origami box to wrap gifts that are not flat like earrings, rings or other small jewels. My friend Annette had a great idea and suggested that the pattern looks like a candy cane, so maybe we could call it the origami candy cane box! It would be a great paper box to wrap Christmas gifts.

To make this origami envelope, you need 1 square of paper with different colors or patterns on each side. In the video I use 15×15 cm origami paper (kami), but you can use larger paper if you want to wrap a bigger card or gift, or smaller paper if you want to use the pinwheel enveloppe to make an origami pendant or origami earrings.

You can also use the pinwheel envelope as a spinner, put the opening part of the box on the bottom, and try to make it spin!

Important: this origami pinwheel envelope is an original origami model created by Stéphane Gigandet and protected by copyright. The outside looks similar to other pinwheel origami models, but this model has a completely different structure and folding method. In fact starting with the same paper size, it yields a larger and less bulky envelope, which is great to put something inside. Do not publish video tutorials, diagrams, photos or instructions that show how to fold this box, and instead link to this origami video or embed it. Thank you.

I hope you like this origami pinwheel enveloppe !

If you fold the pinwheel enveloppe or any of my origami models, please send me some pictures show that I can show them in future videos.

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Thank you very much, Happy Holidays and Happy Folding !


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