Origami Square Envelope for Greeting Card or Small Gift Wrapping

Origami Square Envelope for Greeting Card or Small Gift Wrapping

Learn how to make this beautiful DIY origami envelope with 1 square of paper. It’s perfect for a Christmas card or invitation or to wrap a flat gift (money or an origami heart). Making your own paper envelope is easy, just follow the easy step by step instructions of the origami envelope / flat box tutorial.

To make the paper envelope, you only need 1 square of paper with different colors on each side. You don’t need glue and you don’t need tape, and it’s easy to open and close the envelope. In the video I use 15×15 cm (6×6 inch) origami paper. It’s easier with large paper, so you can also cut a square from a A4 or Letter size sheet, or better from a page of a magazine so that you have a different pattern of colors on each side.

On the front, the envelope box shows the two colors of the paper and you can choose to make a square or a 8 pointed star. The DIY envelope opens on the back.

In the next video, I will show you how to make a variation of this flat box: a pinwheel origami envelope, and also a cool origami pinwheel box with a lid and a candy cane pattern (perfect to wrap Christmas gifts).

Important: this origami envelope design is an original origami model created by St├ęphane Gigandet and protected by copyright. Do not publish videos, tutorials, instructions, photos, diagrams etc. that show how to make this paper envelope and instead link to this video or embed it. Thank you.

I hope you will like this origami envelope model and tutorial! If you fold it, or another of my origami designs, please send me some photos so that I can show them in the next video.

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Thank you very much, Happy Holidays and Happy Folding!



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