Paper Mario Origami King – All Boss Special Moves / Ultimate Attacks / Super Secret Moves

All Boss Special Moves / Ultimate Attacks / Secret Moves animations compilation in Paper Mario The Origami King (together with all of Olly Attacks) (1080p & 60fps) ►Activate the outline for the order of all bosses particular assaults!

All Bosses Special Attacks:
0:00 Final Cut by Scissors (The Dual-Bladed Duelist)
0:54 The Whole Punch by Hole Punch (The Disco Devil)
1:17 Bite Barrage + Gold Staple Gun Combo by Stapler (The Fanged Fastener)
2:01 Rainbow Roll by Colored Pencils (The Missile Maestro)
2:37 Solo Snapback by Rubber Band (The Elastic Entertainer)
2:58 Sticky Drill by Tape (The Shifty Sticker)
3:40 Rock, Paper and Scissors by Handaconda (Shadow Hand)
3:59 Heavy Thunder by Sumo Bro
4:05 Mega Earthquake by Earth Vellumental
4:22 Big Wave by Water Vellumental
4:48 Hot Wings + Flamecrower Combo by Fire Vellumental
5:20 Ice Age by Ice Vellumental
5:48 All Ultimate Attacks by Origami King OIly (True Final Boss)

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1080p 60fps gameplay by NeighborhoodGame (2020)

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